As part of Public Sector Innovation Month, we invited speakers from some of Australia’s National Collecting Institutions to share how they have embrace innovation to engage audiences – both in person and online.

28 July 2016

Speakers from the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM), National Museum of Australia (NMA) and the National Library of Australia (NLA), discussed initiatives they have in place and their vision for the future:

  • Lynda Kelly from the ANMM talked about their virtual HMB Endeavour tour and The Voyage Game – an online game based on convict voyages.
  • Robert Bunzli from the NMA introduced robots Kasparov and Chesster who provide tours to students around the world.
  • Sarah Schindeler from the NLA discussed TROVE and the digitisation of artefacts and historical articles.

Each speaker offered an interesting glimpse into the future of museums and the possibilities enabled by new digital technologies.