The Government has released use cases collected as part of a study into the new and innovate ways Australian organisations are using open government data.

11 August 2015

The study targets companies and non-profit organisations that use open government data to generate new business, develop new products and services, improve business operations or create social value.

Small businesses made up the majority of participants (79 percent) primarily from data and technology, research and consulting, and geospatial and mapping companies.

Pie charts showing private companies 69% non-profits 20% revenue sources included consulting 49% government contracts 43% data analysis for clients 29%

Most companies are using data to: 

Statistics, create new or improved products and services 65%, generate cost effeciencies 55%, identify new opportunities 51%

The survey shows companies are using multiple datasets:

Companies using multiple data sets, 40% of participants said they use between 11 and 50 data sources, 22 % use more than 100 data sources, 31% use less than 10 data sources

And provides insight into what data is being used: 

Open 500 data, 60% use geospatial/mapping data, 49% use environmental data, 45% use social and demographic, 42% use GPS/positioning.

The Open Data 500 Australia will remain open to continue to build the catalogue of open data use cases.  Any organisation currently using open government data is encouraged to participate in the study at:

The full report is available.

An accessible version of this page is available.