6 January 2016

A new online classifications registration portal is proving to be popular with film festival organisers and computer game expos with almost 200 events registered in the first four months.

The portal gives festival and event organisers a streamlined, accessible way to register the unclassified films and computer games in their program. This is a major change from the old system where event organisers had to apply to the Director of the Classification Board for an exemption from the usual classification requirements for each film or computer game being used at their event. The portal was launched to coincide with the commencement of new laws for events wishing to exhibit unclassified content.

The registration record can be instantly sent to venues such as cinemas to confirm event details and if there are last minute changes, such as a late program entry or a change of venue, this can be updated online by event organisers. It is fast, simple and, in combination with the relevant legislative changes, represents a significant reduction in workload for both government and industry.

The online tool is especially important for events organised by community groups and non-profit organisations running on a shoestring budget, often relying on volunteers working long hours in the final push to opening night and enables the art sector to more easily provide the community with access to a broad range of diverse content.

As well as being part of the Government’s deregulation agenda, the registration portal is an important step in Department’s digital transformation journey and provides a technological solution to make it easier to comply with classification requirements and to interact with government online.

In the four months since the launch, it’s safe to say industry marks this step as a success. The portal services the need of an estimated client base of 500 event organisers and an estimated 1,000 events per annum.

For more information check out the Registered Events page on the classification website.