Fast broadband is now available those living in regional Australia with the nbn satellite Sky Muster offering commercial services from today.

29 April 2016

nbn has commenced migrating users from the interim satellite service and will start connecting new eligible customers across the country - many of whom have previously had no access to broadband services at all. The rollout will take time however, as the new technology requires nbn to visit each home and business to install the equipment to connect to the satellite.

With download speeds of up to 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) and 5 Mbps uploads, the satellite service is one of the best ever launched in the world.

Tony Cross, Chief Network Architect at nbn, spoke to us about what the satellites will offer. 

“There’s no doubt that this will be a world class service... It’s completely different from anything that anybody would have seen before with satellite in Australia,” he said.

The nbn satellite service has been years in the making and the satellites have been specifically designed to provide fast broadband from space.

“The type of satellite that we’ve designed and built effectively operates as a relay. We send signals up to it, it receives then, amplifies them and then sends the signals back down. We have nine earth stations to connect up to the satellite, with a tenth one for the purposes where we might need to maintain one of the other nine” he said.

nbn will launch a second satellite later this year.