Ten things you need to know about the Mobile Black Spot Programme.

11 January 2016

Ten things you need to know about the Mobile Black Spot Programme:

  1. The Australian Government is investing $160 million to improve mobile black spots in regional and remote Australia through the initial two rounds of the programme.
  2. Almost 500 new mobile base stations will be rolled out under round 1.
  3. The first round 1 base stations have been switched on in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, with more regional and remote areas to start receiving new mobile coverage soon.
  4. A map of the mobile black spot locations that have been reported to date and the locations which will receive mobile base stations under round 1 is available on the NationalMap.
  5. Nominations of further mobile black spots close on 15 January 2016, so if you live in a regional or remote area with poor mobile coverage make sure you complete the online nomination form.
  6. If you have already nominated a location under Round 1, it will automatically be included in the database to be used for round 2, so you don't need to renominate.
  7. Once the database closes and the round 2 programme guidelines are released in early 2016, the mobile network operators will be asked to nominate the locations on the database where they propose to deliver improved mobile coverage.
  8. Successful round 2 locations will be announced before the end of 2016.
  9. The full rollout of round 1 and 2 mobile base stations will take place over three years.
  10. For more information and fact sheets, you can visit the Mobile Black Spot Programme page.