The Government is investing $10 million on a new program to deliver practical online safety training for young Australians.

11 February 2019

Online safety has never been more important, particularly for children, as the internet has become a central part of life for many Australians.

The need to develop the practical skills to confidently navigate the online world is vital and the Government is investing in programs to ensure factual resources are available to keep young people safe online.

This includes a $10 million investment in a new Online Safety Grants Program which will be run by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

The funding will support non-government organisations (NGOs) to provide valuable education and training programs to help young people develop and maintain safe online habits. Funding may also support programs for the community and parents.

The Government will also review the need for 'digital licences' for school aged children to strengthen their online safety knowledge.

The new measures build on the Government's $17 million online safety package announced in December 2018, which includes resources for parents and carers of children aged under 5 years and an online safety research program.

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