With the deadline for Round 2 nominations coming up quickly, our FAQs are here to help.

18 December 2015

Person pointing their mobile device up towards the blue sky

When will nominations for Round 2 funding close?

The database of reported regional and remote mobile black spots will close on 31 December 2015 at 5.00 pm (AEST).

How do I nominate an area?

If you live in a regional or remote area with poor (or no) mobile coverage, you can nominate it through the online nomination form.

What if my nominated location didn't get funding under Round 1?

Your location will automatically be included in the database to be used for Round 2—you do not need to re-nominate the location.

When will I know if my area has been chosen?

Successful Round 2 locations will be announced before the end of 2016.

How will the successful locations be picked?

Shortly after the database closes, the programme guidelines will be released and the mobile network operators will be asked to nominate locations from the database where they propose to deliver improved mobile coverage. The applications will be assessed against the programme guidelines.

Which areas were successful under Round 1?

A map of the mobile black spot locations which have been reported to date and the locations which will receive mobile base stations under Round 1 is available on the NationalMap.

How long will the rollout take?

The full rollout of Round 1 and 2 mobile base stations will take place over three years.

Where can I find out more?

You can visit the Mobile Black Spot Programme page for more information or mobilecoverage [at] communications.gov.au (contact us).