From 1 February 2020, the National Relay Service (NRS) will no longer support the CapTel handset.

9 October 2019

We are offering assistance to help CapTel handset users transition to a number of alternative solutions. This includes step-by-step resources available online for alternative options to one-on-one demonstrations and support.

If you use the CapTel handset, or you know someone who does, and would still like to use captioned services through the NRS, it 's important you respond to our short online questionnaire so we can help you transition to an alternative.

You can also:

  • Download and complete the questionnaire and scan and email it back to the helpdesk [at] (NRS Helpdesk) or
  • contact the NRS Helpdesk on 1800 555 660. Helpdesk staff will record your responses to the questionnaire and provide your responses to us so we can get in touch.

The survey will close on 30 November 2019. If your responses to the questionnaire indicate interest in receiving some support, we will get in touch with you to make arrangements. Don't forget to provide your preferred contact details.

Find out more:

  • Contact the NRS Helpdesk for advice about other NRS options
  • Visit Accesshub to view the range of options and support
  • Subscribe to Accesshub News and Alerts to stay up to date