Hoyts and Village Cinemas now give you more access to consumer advice for your movie-going adventures.

23 November 2016

Consumer advice is the Classification Board’s advice about the strongest content in a film, whether that’s violence, sex, drug use or any combination of the six classifiable elements.

Hoyts and Village websites now display consumer advice for online ticket purchases for all films, so you know what you’re getting before you hit up the credit card. The Vista Ticketing system has also enabled consumer advice to be printed on tickets for Village and Hoyts, making sure this information is always conveniently at your fingertips. When you get to the cinema, if you still haven’t made up your mind, you will find Hoyts are rolling out session times screens and foyer advertising with consumer advice too – they have everything covered so you can’t miss it.

Consumer advice is a valuable tool for making decisions about what you and your family see at the movies. Knowledge is power, and a trip to the cinema is better when you know you’ve made an informed choice – especially if you’re taking the kids.

Different people respond differently to coarse language, violence, sex scenes, nudity, drug use and mature themes. The classification level, whether it’s PG or MA 15+, will tell you how strong the content is – the rest of the story is in the words that follow eg ‘Strong sex scenes and violence’. Now you will find that information easily when you purchase through Village or Hoyts’ website and on all your tickets for their cinema sessions.   

Kudos to the National Association of Cinema Operators – Australasia for driving this initiative to keep you, the audience, fully informed.

Meet the Hoyts Cinema Technology Group behind the scenes making it happen at Hoyts.

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