Draft standards, rules and benchmarks for the broadband networks servicing our communities.
29 January 2021

With the SIP regime coming into effect on 1 July 2020, there is now a legal framework so premises across Australia can be connected to a network providing superfast broadband services.

Where SIPs operate fixed line and fixed wireless networks, they must also support voice services.

There are now 19 SIPs on the register of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

To further define the level of service SIPs provide, the Department is consulting on draft standards, rules and benchmarks covering:

  • maximum timeframes for connection, repairs, and appointment keeping,
  • peak speeds,
  • network remediation plans,
  • transparency requirements for any rebates payable, and
  • associated record-keeping.

The draft standards, rules and benchmarks draw on arrangements currently used by NBN Co as the default SIP for all of Australia, as well as the historical Customer Service Guarantee (CSG).

The SIP arrangements are part of a new consumer protection framework for Australian telecommunications that directs regulation at underlying wholesale networks, while leaving stronger competition to shape consumer outcomes at the retail level.

For more information and how to make a submission, please visit the Public consultation on draft standards, rules and benchmarks for statutory infrastructure providers (SIPs) webpage.