The annual PAX Conference in Melbourne brings together the gaming industry and gamers to discuss a range of matters related to gaming both in Australia and worldwide.

5 November 2015

PAX conference floor

From the established game development organisations to start-up companies with on the spot ideas, it was great to hear the range of views and have the opportunity to make direct connections with people from all sides of the gaming experience, including educators and academics with an interest in the field.

Our Classification Compliance & Education team attended PAX Australia and spoke with over 400 attendees on topics as diverse as the R 18+ classification for computer games and the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) trial for online and mobile computer games. The IARC rating system enables developers, who wish to submit games to participating storefronts, to simultaneously obtain a rating from various rating authorities around the world, including Australia, for digitally delivered games used on computers, consoles and hand-held platforms. Further information on the IARC trial is available on the classifications website.

We also chaired a lively panel discussion on classification matters with Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, and fielded questions on the R 18+ classification for computer games, how the classification process works, who makes the classification decisions, emerging issues for classification and how classification can help consumers. The panel discussion was well attended and it was very positive to see so many people enthusiastically engaged with the subject.

Thanks to everyone involved in organising in the event and for the fantastic input from all who attended.