Australians are embracing changes in technology and our consumption patterns are adjusting accordingly.

11 November 2015

The BCR's latest Leading Indicators Report details how improved access to wifi networks is enabling Australians to access information more conveniently. It also shows how fixed line broadband network access and application innovation, particularly streaming applications, are driving the demand for data.

The report released today highlights that:

1. Demand for increasing mobility will drive further supply of wifi.

  • iPass shows the availability of public wifi globally is expected to grow 700 per cent from 48 million in 2014 to 340 million in 2018.

2. Fixed line access will continue to drive increasing data consumption rates.

  • Following the Netflix launch, peering traffic through IX Australia jumped 50 per cent from  four gigabytes per second to eight gigabytes per second.

3.  There is an increasing trend of offloading traffic from mobile internet to Wifi networks.

  • this reduces service provision costs, and
  • improves customer retention as consumer coverage and performance.

The BCR produces leading indicators reports to provide insight into changes in communications technology trends.

The BCR was established to support the development of good public policy and informed policy discussion and debate. It does this through providing sound, fact-based policy development and advice, relying on economical and statistical research and analysis.

For more information visit the BCR leading indicator page