The new report examines trends across key sectors of the economy in response to COVID-19.
25 November 2020

The Australian Broadband Advisory Council (the Council) has released its first report examining the impact of COVID-19 across key sectors of the economy and setting out its forward work plan.

Riding the Digital Wave: Report on COVID-19 trends looks closely at the adoption of broadband across key sectors of the economy, and how Australia’s digital infrastructure can help support Australia’s recovery from COVID-19.

The report found digital transformation and adoption has accelerated as a result of COVID-19, but the economic and social benefits are yet to be fully explored.

Industries including health, agriculture and construction will be examined first by the Council, working in partnership with agencies across government to maximise the potential of existing and future digital transformation projects.

Australians with low levels of digital adoption, including vulnerable groups, will also be a key focus as the Council explores ways to promote digital inclusion, including supporting the use of Wi-Fi in public spaces. 

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