The first regional mobile base stations under the Mobile Black Spot Programme have been switched on.

21 December 2015

Marlborough and Quilpie in Queensland, and Deniliquin in NSW, are the first sites to start delivering new mobile coverage, with more base stations to be switched on in the coming weeks.

Round 1 of the Mobile Black Spot Programme will deliver almost 500 new mobile base stations in regional and remote areas.

The locations of the new or upgraded base stations were chosen through an extensive public consultation and assessment process which involved asking people to nominate areas in regional and remote Australia.

Over 6,000 locations were nominated under Round 1 of the programme, and nominations for Round 2 of the programme are now open until 31 December 2015.

You can nominate an area for Round 2 of the programme through the nomination form.

Person using a mobile device outdoors.