Our 2019 Australian Public Service (APS) Census results are now available

27 November 2019

We've published our 2019 Australian Public Service (APS) Census results which show we're highly engaged and committed to our organisational goals of ensuring that all Australians can benefit from communications, creative experiences and culture.

The Census is conducted by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) and is an annual health check of the APS. Staff across the APS are asked questions about their attitudes to work, wellbeing, performance, leadership, and general impressions of the service.
We had the highest completion rate on record at 93%, up 11% from last year, and exceeded the APS average by 16%. This means we have access to a high quality data set that we can use to inform our workplace engagement strategies.

Our results show that:

Our staff are highly engaged and committed:

  • Our people strongly believe in our purpose and strategic objectives (85%), and are happy to go the extra mile (96%)
  • They're more likely to recommend us as a good place to work than other similar ¬†agencies (+7%)

We have the opportunity to engage with innovation and risk more:

  • Our innovation score was higher than the average (+2%) and similar agencies (+1%)
  • More of our staff are being recognised for innovation in their work (+5% above the average) and feel more inspired to innovate than last year (+6%)

Almost half of staff (47%) are not sure whether we openly discuss and demonstrate the importance of engaging with risk as much as we should.

Overall, just over half (51%) were not sure whether we had implemented improvements from the last Census. Consequently, we've committed to immediate actions from this Census into our divisional business plans.

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