New webpages have been launched to help Australians who are deaf, hard of hearing and/or have speech impairment communicate with their friends, family and important services.

6 February 2019

Accesshub is a new part of our website that is a central source of information on the range of communication options available to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment. This replaces the existing National Relay Service (NRS) website.

The NRS will remain an essential part of the way Australians communicate and there will be no changes to the services it offers and the way it works. Accesshub will provide all the information needed to use and access the NRS.

The NRS Helpdesk will continue to operate to assist users of the NRS.

Advances in technology mean the NRS is just one of the broad range of tools available to support communication.

Other options include: text, app or video-based alternatives, SMS and instant messaging. Information about these options can be found on the new web pages. 

For more information on the range of services available visit the Accesshub webpage