The 5G Working Group met in Canberra earlier this month, bringing together representatives and leaders from across government and industry to discuss 5G.

19 February 2018

5G is the next step in mobile communications and will soon become a reality in Australia, with two major carriers already signalling their intention to start rolling out 5G services from 2019.

The group discussed the future work program and agreed that further exploration of the autonomous vehicle, agricultural and health sectors would provide a good platform to examine the barriers and enablers to 5G application in Australia.

Last year the Government released a 5G directions paper outlining how it will support Australia being well-placed to realise the benefits of 5G and announced it would convene a working group to drive the deployment of 5G in Australia. 

The Government welcomed industry members taking the lead on continuing to explore these issues with input from relevant Commonwealth officials.

The working group will consider these findings at the next meeting.

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