An independent committee has been appointed to undertake a review of regional telecommunication services.

2 May 2018

The review is undertaken every three years as a legislated requirement to examine regional telecommunication issues, including the level of access to services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia.

Views will be sought from regional communities on how they use telecommunication services and the issues that affect them.

Mr Sean Edwards will lead the review alongside Ms Wendy Duncan, Ms Johanna Plante, Ms Robbie Sefton, Ms Kylie Stretton and Mr Paul Weller.

The Government has released the terms of reference for the review, which include asking the committee to:

  • consider how rural Australians can maximise the economic and social benefits that modern telecommunication services can provide, and
  • undertake an anaylsis of the coverage achieved under the Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program.

The committee will shortly call for submissions and is expected to undertake public consultations in regional areas later this year. The Committee is expected to deliver a report to government in September 2018.

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