Our first strategic priority outlined in the corporate plan 2014–17 is enhancing digital productivity. It’s about increasing productivity as the key to future economic growth.

But why is productivity so important?

Productivity growth means that a nation generates more output. Importantly, more output also means more income. Productivity growth matters because it determines a nation’s ability to harness its physical and human resources not only to produce goods and services, but also to generate income and improve its standard of living.

The BCR’s digital productivity project will update, improve and broaden measurement and understanding of the effects of digitisation on productivity growth in the Australian economy.

Digital productivity primer

We’ve recently released a Digital Productivity Primer, the first part of the broader project. The primer is a key tool for looking at how ICT and digitisation affects productivity, why productivity matters, how digital transformation impacts productivity and tools for measuring the productivity gains from digitisation.

Our next steps are to release a labour productivity impacts report in July and firm case studies in December 2015. These will look deeper into the productivity impacts of digitisation at a ‘whole of economy’ level and the impact of digital technologies at the firm-level.

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