The Government is undertaking a comprehensive review of Australian and children’s screen content.
The objective is to provide policy options to Government on the most effective support mechanisms for the Australian screen production sector. Specifically, mechanisms to support Australian drama, documentary and children’s content and the Australian Screen Production Incentive will be reviewed.

Why Conduct a Review?

Successive governments have put in place regulation and incentives to ensure that Australian stories are conceived, produced and distributed to domestic and international audiences.

Content produced in Australia, or under Australian creative control, reflects and shapes our national identity, character and cultural diversity.

Australian content developed for our children builds a shared understanding of our values and our aspirations as a nation.

When exported, Australian content promotes an Australian view of the world and showcases our cultural and creative talents. It also delivers economic benefits and encourages tourism.

Over the past decade, fundamental changes have taken place in the media landscape, defined by the entry of new online services offering catch up TV, streaming, subscription video on demand and user generated video. Australian viewing habits have also changed as new technology offers more flexibility in how content is consumed. While industry changes provide new opportunities for Australia’s world class screen practitioners to deliver their work to new audiences here and internationally, they have also challenged existing business models. In this rapidly changing environment, it is necessary to review our support and regulatory measures to ensure they remain fit for purpose in the digital era.

The Review

The review will be conducted jointly by the Department of Communications and the Arts, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, and Screen Australia. The review will include a first-principles examination of support measures, regulations and incentives currently in place to support the production and distribution of Australian and children’s content. The review team will consult extensively with individuals and organisations in the sector. There will be opportunities for stakeholders to make submissions to the Review.

The Terms of Reference for the Review are below.

Get Involved

We are keen to hear from members of the public as well as sector professionals including writers, producers, administrators, distributors and investors.

If you have a view you can’t wait to share, email the review team at contentreview [at]

Where to from Here?

Consultations will commence from June 2017, and the Review is expected to provide options to Government by the end of 2017.