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12 January 2021
If you use the National Relay Service (NRS), you will soon need to register to continue to use the service to make and receive calls.
Woman wearing hearing aid watching the screen on her lap top while typing on the key board outdoors. Text reads: National Relay Service OPENING FOR REGISTRATION SOON
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4 November 2020
You will soon need to register to continue to use the National Relay Service (NRS) to make calls.
A hearing impaired man is sitting on a couch with a woman. They are both smiling and watching the screen of a smart phone while entering text.
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16 October 2020
From Tuesday, 20 October, the National Relay Service (NRS) operator, Concentrix, is making changes to improve the look of NRS Chat and NRS Captions...
Hearing impaired woman using a laptop
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15 July 2020
The National Relay Service (NRS) internet call options will be offline for maintenance at 3am (AEST) on 17 July 2020.
The National Relay Service logo. The logo features the words National Relay Service in red, white and navy blue.
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6 July 2020
The National Relay Service (NRS) is making a small change to Voice Relay to improve the handling of emergency calls, which will enable the NRS to...
Emergency, zero, zero, zero.
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29 June 2020
If you use Auslan and make Video Relay calls through the National Relay Service (NRS), you may have noticed that Skype has recently changed the way...
Woman signing into a mobile phone device.
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11 June 2020
As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, remember that you can access some of your favourite National Relay Service (NRS) call options on the go...
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24 March 2020
Update on the National Relay Service (NRS) and arrangements for users.
Deaf man using typing on a laptop.
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23 March 2020
Due to staff shortages arising from COVID-19, Video Relay is operating with reduced staff. As a result, Video Relay will experience longer than...
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4 February 2020
CapTel services have temporarily been extended.
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