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Find links and information on Australian Government radio regulations, services and programs.

  • ABC and SBS radio

    Find information on the Australian Government funded national radio services provided by the ABC and SBS.

  • Self-Help Retransmission

    Information on self-help radio retransmisssion in Australia.

  • Commercial radio

    Find an overview of the regulation of free-to-air commercial radio services.

  • Community radio

    Community broadcasting is established in Parts 6 and 6A of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA). Under the terms of the BSA, planning for new community radio licences and all licence allocations for community radio are the responsibility of the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA).

  • Broadcasting content regulation

    A summary of the regulatory framework for content on radio and television.

  • Digital radio

    Information on the commencement of digital radio in Australia.

  • Radiofrequency spectrum

    A description of the departmentís role in the development and maintenance of the radiocommunications regulatory framework

  • Reception difficulties - Radio

    To provide information to help Hamersley residents experiencing interference to domestic equipment, such as televisions, radios, telephones and hi-fi systems.

  • Reporting of sports news in the digital media environment

    Information about the Code of Practice for Sports News Reporting, including the Code Administration Committee.

  • Voicing your concern

    Details the processes for making complaints about television or radio broadcasts, advertising, online/internet content or material in film, videos, literature or other print media.

  • Previous radio documents

    Links to superseded documents related to radio broadcasting.

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