• Word filePolicy Background Paper No. 1: Deregulation in the Communications Portfolio (November 2013) (Word, 2.1 MB)

    This paper explores enduring concepts in communications regulation. It draws on current thinking to set out, at a high level, principles and concepts that might underpin assessment of communications policy and regulation, and guide a deregulatory agenda.

  • Word filePolicy Background Paper No. 2: Regulating Harms in the Australian Communications Sector (May 2014) (Word, 2.1 MB)

    This paper considers current and potential future regulatory frameworks, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of a range of interventions used to regulate the communications sector—black letter law as well as co and self-regulation. It challenges a perceived preference for co-regulation as the preferred regulatory model in the context of evolving technologies, business models and consumer expectations.

  • Word filePolicy Background Paper No. 3: Media Control and Ownership (June 2014) (Word, 3.3 MB)

    This paper examines the issue of media diversity in a contemporary digital environment. Media diversity refers to the ability of citizens to access and consume a wide range of viewpoints without any one media owner or controller exercising too much influence, and news content is particularly relevant in this regard. There is ongoing debate about the extent and form of regulations to support diversity in an environment where online services are rapidly changing the way in which news content is produced, distributed and consumed. This paper seeks to further that discussion. It examines the current media diversity and control rules, their practical workings, and how they fit into a broader regulatory setting.

  • Cyberbullying Research (June 2014)

    The Department of Communications commissioned three youth cyber-bullying research projects, to help inform the consideration of a new, simplified cyber-bullying offence or a civil enforcement regime:

    • • Research on youth exposure to, and management of, cyber-bullying incidents in Australia
    • • Research on youth awareness of cyber-bullying as a criminal offence
    • • Research on cyber-bullying incidents dealt with by Australian schools.

  • PDF fileAustralian Government response to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network (PDF, 93.4 KB)

    This report outlines the Government response to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network.

  • Annual Report 2013-14

    This report outlines the operations and performance of the Department of Communications for the financial year ending 30 June 2014. The report is prepared inaccordance with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Requirementsfor Annual Reports, released in June 2014.

    A summary version of the Anuual Report 2013-14 is available to download to your tablet via the Department’s app:

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