Links to Australian Government mobile telephone policy, regulations and initiatives for extending coverage in regional and remote areas.

  • Mobile Black Spot Programme

    Information about the Mobile Black Spot Programme.

  • Mobile phones

    Provides an overview of mobile phone coverage in Australia, with practical solutions to improving mobile phone access in rural areas and links to carriers’ websites for further information on mobile coverage.

  • Mobile premium services

    This page provides a generic overview of mobile premium services, including a description of the regulatory protections that cover these services.

  • International mobile roaming

    Information on international mobile roaming services used by Australians travelling overseas, including general consumer awareness measures and a proposal to take coordinated action with New Zealand on the pricing of trans-Tasman mobile roaming services.

  • Number portability

    Information about arrangements that allow customers to retain their phone numbers when changing telephone service providers.

  • Responsibilities under the Telecommunications Act

    Find information on the Department’s specific policy responsibilities under the Telecommunications Act 1997.

  • Towers, radiocommunications facilities and electromagnetic energy emissions

    This page describes the regulation of telecommunications towers, radiocommunications facilities and electromagnetic energy (EME) emissions.

  • Unexpected high bills

    Information on action by the Australian Government and the telecommunications industry to ensure telecommunications providers adhere to a code of practice regarding credit management.

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