Funding and programs

  • 3D Online Education initiative

    The 3D Online Education Initiative is a two year program aimed at demonstrating innovating uses of digital technologies in order to increase engagement amongst school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

  • Cyber security

    The Australian Government is implementing a range of initiatives designed to enhance the protection of home users and small business from electronic attacks and fraud.

  • Digital Business

    A resource that provides practical guidance for small businesses and community organisations to establish and enhance their online presence.

  • Digital Business Kits program

    The Digital Business Kits program will help national industry peak bodies to build online toolkits to assist businesses to engage in the digital economy.

  • Digital Careers

    The Digital Careers program is a four-year initiative, aimed at fostering interest amongst high school students in digital technologies, ICT study and increase awareness of ICT career options.

  • Digital Enterprise program

    The Digital Enterprise program is helping small-to-medium enterprise and not-for-profit organisations improve the way they do business online and participate in the digital economy.

  • Digital Hubs program

    The Digital Hubs program is helping communities gain the digital literacy skills needed to effectively participate in the digital economy.

  • Digital Local Government program

    The Digital Local Government program helps local governments enhance their online services and maximise the benefits of high-speed broadband. The aim of the program is to bring about significant improvements in the quality, availability and speed of local government services.

  • ICT Centre of Excellence - National ICT Australia (NICTA)

    Find information on Australian Government investment in a world-class ICT research and research training institute.

  • Internet Basics

    The Internet Basics website provides a starting point for internet novices to build the skills and confidence needed to get online. The website is designed specifically for people who are new to the internet, and people who are looking to learn a little more to be confident and safer online. Internet Basics is available online at or through the Government’s Digital Hubs program.

  • Mobile Black Spots Programme

    The Mobile Black Spots Programme is an Australian Government initiative to extend mobile phone coverage and competition in regional, remote and outer metropolitan areas. The programme will invest in telecommunications network infrastructure for the provision of high quality mobile voice and wireless broadband services.

  • Mobile premium services

    What mobile premium services are, an overview of the regulatory framework governing these services and how consumers can complain about these services if required.

  • National Broadband Network

    Information about the Australian Government's initiative to roll out a high-speed National Broadband Network.

  • Online Safety

    The Australian Government's online safety measures include law enforcement, awareness raising and education.

  • Regional Backbone Blackspots Program

    As part of the Australian Government’s commitment to deliver a National Broadband Network that will provide very fast broadband to Australian homes and workplaces, it is investing up to $250 million to immediately address backbone blackspots throughout regional Australia.

  • Regional Telecommunications Review

    Information about the 2011-12 Regional Telecommunications Review and previous reviews, with a link to the RTIRC website.

  • Telecommunications consumer representation grants

    The page describes the grant made under s593 and its recipient.

  • The Electronic News Gathering Programme (ENG)

    The Electronic News Gathering Program is an initiative to assist commercial broadcasters who currently hold apparatus licences and undertake ENG operations in the 2.5GHz spectrum, to move their ENG operations into new spectrum arrangements.

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