Virtual Advisor Programme


The Virtual Advisor Programme gives free training to people who want to set up an online business or improve their current skills to make the most of the Internet. Training is delivered by webinars to make it easier for people in regional and remote areas to access this service.

The programme is available to all small to medium enterprises and not for profit organisations that identify as Indigenous and are located in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia, including those that:

  • are owned or operated by Indigenous Australians
  • employ Indigenous Australians
  • are funded by Indigenous Australians or organisations
  • have an Indigenous Australian client base
  • otherwise identify as Indigenous.

Non-Indigenous individuals and businesses in regional and remote areas are also encouraged to participate in the Virtual Advisor programme. There are no further funding rounds for the Virtual Advisor programme.

The training provided by the Virtual Advisor Programme will help you to:

  • understand the benefits of getting your business online and taking advantage of high speed broadband
  • learn how to set up online shopping and ordering for your business
  • learn about advertising on the Internet and how to let people know about your business
  • learn how to keep your online information safe
  • understand how your business can save money by using 'cloud services'
  • learn how teleworking can save your business money and time.

TAFE NSW Western Institute will deliver the Virtual Advisor programme. To find out more about the programme or access training please visit the TAFE NSW Western Institute website or call 1300 823 393.

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