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The Department of Communications is the lead Australian Government agency working to support all Australians realise the full potential of the digital economy. On this page you'll find information about what we're doing to achieve this.

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Digital Innovation Forum – launching the Digital Transformation Office 

The Digital Innovation Forum was held on Friday 27 March 2015, 4.00 – 5.30 pm at the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The Government has established a Digital Transformation Office to leverage IT to enable innovation and improve productivity, and to transform service delivery. The forum was an opportunity for the Minister for Communications, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, and a panel of experts to explore key themes around government innovation, technology as an enabler of innovation, mobility and digital service delivery, and technological imagination.

Online Copyright Infringement Forum

The Online Copyright Infringement Forum was held on Tuesday 9 September, at the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, Sydney. The Forum was an opportunity to discuss the issues raised by the Government in the Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper. The Minister for Communications, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, hosted the event with a panel of key industry figures, include the Executive Director of Telstra; the CEOs of iiNet Limited; Foxtel; APRA | AMCOS; and Choice; and acclaimed screenwriter and director, Peter Duncan.

Internet Basics

The Internet Basics website provides a starting point for internet novices to build the skills and confidence needed to get online. The website is designed specifically for people who are new to the internet, and people who are looking to learn a little more to be confident and safer online. Internet Basics is available online at or through the Government's Digital Hubs program.

Digital Business

The Digital Business website provides practical guidance for small businesses and community organisations to establish and enhance their online presence.

Digital Business Kits

Digital Business Kits will address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge and promote use of innovative digital solutions to market products and services, engage with clients and improve business operations.

Digital Careers

The Digital Careers program is a four-year initiative, aimed at fostering interest amongst high school students in digital technologies, ICT study and increase awareness of ICT career options.

Digital Enterprise programme

The Digital Enterprise program is helping small-to-medium enterprise and not-for-profit organisations improve the way they do business online and participate in the digital economy.

Digital Hubs program

The Digital Hubs program is helping communities gain the digital literacy skills needed to effectively participate in the digital economy.

Digital Local Government program

The Digital Local Government program helps local governments enhance their online services and maximise the benefits of high-speed broadband. The aim of the program is to bring about significant improvements in the quality, availability and speed of local government services.

Broadband and the digital economy

The External site National Broadband Network (NBN) will provide vital digital infrastructure to enable Australia's digital economy.

Cloud computing and the digital economy

The National Cloud Computing Strategy was released in 2013 to promote the smart adoption of cloud services.

Internet governance

How we help manage the digital economy through the internet's administrative organisations.

KANZ Technology Summit 2014

The Korea, Australia, New Zealand (KANZ) Technology Summit 2014 brings together industry, research and policy representatives from Korea, Australia and New Zealand to discuss digital developments and explore opportunities for collaboration and new business.

Survey on geocoded addressing

This survey is seeking comments from industry and developers on a proposed simple geocoded national address file product that would be made available to Australians at no cost to the end user.

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