The Summer Cadet Program


The Summer Cadet Program is specifically for university students entering their final year of study in 2015. It offers an opportunity for students to gain a valuable insight into the Departmentís work and responsibilities and the workings of government. The program provides opportunities to work towards a number of Australian Government priorities including:

  • the National Broadband Network
  • regional telecommunications
  • cybersafety and security
  • broadcasting
  • communications
  • spectrum management
  • digital innovation
  • a range of consumer issues relevant to empowering consumers of broadband, telecommunication and online services.

As well as providing the Australian Government with economic, legal and policy advice on these ever-evolving areas, the Department administers regulations, funding, programs, support and other incentives to industry and the wider community.

The program will run for 10 weeks, commencing in December 2014. During this period you will be placed in one of the Departmentís divisions that have identified a need for additional resources. You will receive a variety of different work experiences. These may include research assignments, project work on policy development, project work on program delivery or preparing/briefing material as well as the opportunity to expand on the skills and knowledge gained through your university studies.

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