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The Department of Communications invites high-performing graduates with experience and/or qualifications in the areas of economics, research, commerce, and statistical analysis, to join our team and help manage the Australian Government’s priorities for the communications sector.

We are the Australian Government’s pre-eminent advisor on communications, in particular digital technologies and communications services. As such, we’re seeking graduates who are committed to supporting the development of good public policy through sound, fact-based policy development and advice based on economic and statistical research and analysis.

Our Graduate Program enables you to develop your talents and build your capabilities, while contributing to the Department’s purpose of promoting an innovative and competitive communications sector so Australians can realise the full potential of digital technologies and communications services.

The Department’s strategic priorities are:

  • enhancing digital productivity
  • enhancing digital infrastructure
  • promoting efficient communications markets
  • strengthening our capabilities.

Program overview

Our 11-month Graduate Program commences January 2016, and involves extensive learning and development opportunities including:

  • a comprehensive orientation week
  • diverse and challenging workplace rotations that will strategically develop your capabilities and position you as a future leader
  • opportunity to contribute to policy development, program management and administration
  • support from mentors and former graduates
  • opportunities to develop valuable networks by collaborating with senior staff members
  • structured opportunities to develop your capabilities.

As a small Department of just over 400 employees, opportunities for skills development and learning are easily accessible. Working closely with senior staff, you will have the opportunity to develop valuable contacts and a profile across the Department.

We invest significantly in you throughout the year, and upon successful completion of the Program, you’ll be well-prepared for a dynamic and successful future within the Department and communications sector.

Each year the Department’s graduates form a social and supportive network, ensuring a friendly introduction to both work and life in Canberra. A buddy program sees graduates from the preceding year act as ‘social mentors’, offering tips on finding housing, good restaurants and clubs, etc.

Hear from Amy, who was a graduate in the Department’s 2011 Program:

Departmental rotations

The key to the Department of Communications’ leading Graduate Program is a rotation plan that considers your individual interests whilst tactically developing your capabilities to support the Department’s strategic priorities. This structured and purposeful approach offers you targeted insight and challenging experience, providing you with a well-informed set of departmental experiences.

Our Graduate Program could see you:

  • get involved in setting the course for Australia’s digital future
  • develop policy for broadband, open data and media
  • help every Australian realise the benefits of the digital economy
  • write the next chapter of the National Digital Economy Strategy which will outline how Australia can become a leading digital nation
  • be an online security advocate
  • provide advice on strengthening our national broadcasters
  • be a Government adviser on national communications projects, with full access to the Bureau of Communications Research
  • build on your skills and, by doing so, help the Department reach its strategic goals.

The Bureau of Communications Research

Graduates with economics experience, backgrounds and/or qualifications will undertake a rotation within the Department’s Bureau of Communications Research.

The Bureau of Communications Research is a professionally independent economic and statistical research unit in the Department of Communications.

The Bureau’s range of functions includes:

  • providing independent, expert economic and technological research and analysis to inform policy development
  • publishing authoritative, easy-to-digest research and analysis on developments across digital technology and communications sectors including post
  • proactively engaging with stakeholders across industry, the public sector and research areas to develop a needs-driven research agenda, provide useful intelligence to the Minister and the Department, and stimulate informed discussion on policy and regulatory issues.

Graduate Development Program

We understand that as a graduate, this may be your first full-time role and first experience in federal government. As such, a structured learning and development program has been developed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a high-performing employee, and to underpin your future career progression.

The first part of the Graduate Development Program consists of learning and development related to working within the Department and the Australian Public Service (APS). This includes networking sessions, key events such as attending Question Time at Parliament House, and meetings with senior executives within the Department.

Our comprehensive training courses include topics such as policy and program management, financial and legal awareness, ministerial writing, and legislative processes.

The program addresses four key areas:

  • the work of the Department
  • the way in which the Department operates
  • working in the APS
  • skills development.

Hear from James, who completed the Graduate Program in 2009:

Support programs

As a graduate, you have a number of support options available to you:

  • Buddies prior to your commencement within the Department, you’ll be paired with a graduate from the previous year’s program. The buddy relationship allows you the opportunity to start building your network early, ask questions about starting work, and be shown around Canberra.
  • The Recruitment Team our team will assist you with your relocation to Canberra, and support and guide you throughout the year.
  • The Graduate Development Team once you commence the program, this team will serve as your primary contact and will look after your training and development needs. The Graduate Development Team will also organise events for the graduate cohort throughout the year.
  • Your work team some teams are small while others are quite large. Throughout your rotations, your team supervisor will support you in your day-to-day work.
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