Graduate program


The Department of Communications invites high-performing graduates to join its team and help manage the Australian Government’s priorities for:

  • the National Broadband Network
  • regional telecommunications
  • cybersafety and security
  • broadcasting
  • communications
  • spectrum management
  • digital innovation
  • a range of consumer issues relevant to empowering consumers of broadband, telecommunication and online services.

As well as providing the Australian Government with economic, legal and policy advice on these ever-evolving areas, the Department administers regulations, funding, programs, support and other incentives to industry and the wider community.

The key to the Graduate program experience is a rotation plan that considers your individual interests whilst tactically developing your capabilities to support the Department’s strategic priorities. This structured and purposeful approach will offer you targeted insight and challenging experience, providing you with a well-informed set of departmental experiences.

The 11 month program, commencing in January 2016, includes extensive learning and development opportunities involving:

  • a comprehensive orientation week
  • diverse and challenging workplace rotations that will strategically develop your capabilities and position you as a future leader
  • opportunity to contribute to policy development, program management and administration
  • support from mentors and former graduates
  • opportunities to develop valuable networks by collaborating with senior staff members
  • structured opportunities to develop your capabilities

The Department’s size (approximately 400 employees) means that graduates get to work closely with senior staff during the program, and opportunities for skills development and learning are easily accessible. You have the opportunity to develop valuable contacts and a profile across the Department.

The Department makes a significant investment in you during the year, and we want you to learn and develop as much as possible. When the program ends we want you to have a great position and to see a future within the Department.

Each year the Department’s graduates form a social and supportive network, ensuring they have an easy introduction to both work and life in Canberra. The graduates from the preceding year act as ‘social mentors’ giving tips on finding housing, good restaurants and clubs, etc. A year as a graduate is highly rewarding and can be one of the best years of your working life!

Graduate Development Program

We understand that for many of you a graduate position may be your first full-time job or maybe your first work experience in federal government, so we provide a learning and development program to support you.

You will participate in 11 months of development activities, structured to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a high-quality employee and to underpin your future career progression.

The first part of the Graduate Development Program consists of learning and development related to working in the Department and the APS. This also includes networking sessions and key events such as visits to Parliament House and meeting with senior executives within the Department.

Our comprehensive training courses include topics such as policy and program management, financial and legal awareness, ministerial writing and legislative processes.

The program addresses four key areas:

  • the work of the Department
  • the way in which the Department operates
  • working in the Australian Public Service
  • skills development.

Support programs

Some of the networks we provide are:

  • Your Buddies—before you commence in January, we will pair you up with a current graduate. Your buddy can help answer any questions about starting work, show you around when you arrive and help you access resources and networks.
  • The Recruitment Team—we will assist you with your relocation to Canberra and support and guide you throughout the year.
  • The Graduate—once you commence the program your primary contacts will be in this team, which looks after all of your training and development needs and organises lots of events for the graduate cohort.
  • Your team—some teams are small while others are quite large. Throughout your rotations, your team supervisor will support you in your day-to-day work.
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