Resources to assist users to make the most of the internet—including information on the Australian Government’s broadband policy and support for small business and rural users to connect to broadband services.

  • National Broadband Network

    Information about the Australian Government's initiative to roll out a high-speed National Broadband Network.

  • NBN Co Review

    The Government is undertaking a series of reviews into the NBN in order to refocus the rollout around its policy objectives which include using a wider range of technologies to connect homes and businesses to the network sooner. These include the Strategic Review delivered to Government on 12 December 2013.

  • Telecommunications Regulatory Reform

    This webpage provides details on the Government’s response to the Vertigan panel’s NBN cost-benefit analysis and review of regulation.

  • Legislation and regulation

    Topics include relevant Australian Government and industry stakeholders, policy objectives, competition and consumer safeguards.

  • Broadband initiatives

    Information on the Australian Government’s broadband policy, NBN Co’s Interim Satellite Service, the provision of telecommunications in new developments, the current legislative framework for broadband networks and the Regional Backbone Blackspots Program.

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